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Non-Profits Save Six Ways with We Mail For You

Non-Profit organizations have been utilizing WMFY expertise for over 20 years.  WMFY specializes in mailings for Non-Profit organizations.  Not all mailing companies know how to capture the most savings for Non-Profits.  The Non-Profit mailing professionals at WMFY do. Here are six ways that WMFY has saved Non-Profits thousands of dollars in postage costs. 


It takes deep knowledge and experience to prepare mail that gets you the best non-profit postage discounts available. The post office doesn’t make it easy to learn how to qualify for all the proper discounts. With 57 years of combined experience, WMFY has the utmost knowledge on how to achieve every penny of savings on your non-profit mailing


WMFY prices each of our non-profit customer jobs based on the actual postage cost for each mailing.  There is no flat or standard one size fits all pricing.  And that’s because with non-profits, one size does not fit all.  WMFY prices each job based on the specific factors of each non-profit mailing.  WMFY is up front and honest about your postage costs.


WMFY provides a single point of contact for non-profit organizations.  Our customers make one call and deal with one company for their mailings.  We are your rep and your expert mailing resource. 


Time is money for non-profits and for profits. WMFY has fast printing and mailing turnaround times. We have mailing techniques that will get your mail to its destination as fast as possible. This will save you from paying higher postage costs to get your mail delivered on time.


WMFY mails over 15,000,000 pieces of mail per year. With that volume, we work directly with the people who make a difference at the post office. We leverage those contacts to understand and take advantage of any non-profit rate or mailing regulation changes that benefit WMFY customers. Our customers benefit from our volume and close relationship with the post office.


Our non-profit customers take comfort in knowing WMFY is honest, knowledgeable, accessible, fast and provide expert professional service for you at all times.

Contact WMFY Today about a FREE donation letter mailing.  Offer expires July 31, 2020

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